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AWA Radiola 429ma Vintage Valve Mantle Radio 1950

AWA Radiola 429MA 1950
AWA Radiola 429MA Rear View
AWA Radiola 429MA Top View
AWA Radiola 429ma Front Dial
Illuminated AWA Radiola 429MA

 AWA Radiola 429MA 1950 Vintage Valve Mantle radio.

I have fully serviced and restored this compact 1950 mantle Valve Radio. I have changed all the necessary components. Fitted a new plug and lead, along with a new dial string. The casing has been polished and the material cleaned. This set has a great tone for the size of it and runs very well. This is in very good condition with no cracks or marks and won't last very long. A copy of all the service paperwork comes with the set.

This radio has been SOLD


Vintage radio For Sale Australia. For sale Vintage Radios AWA Radiola 429 1950